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Thesis & Dissertation Formatting Service

You wrote the entire project, and now you reached the formatting dissertation stage. MA and PhD candidates never assume that this part of the process would cause them so much stress. They followed a specific format throughout the writing stage. They developed an outline in accordance with the standards of their university.

The problem is that students from the University of California San Diego have to follow a specific UCSD dissertation formatting standard. Those from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee need to adhere to UWM dissertation formatting guidelines.

Many of the candidates missed out on these requirements. They followed general online guidelines. Now, they need dissertation formatting help to put things in order.

It’s okay. The important thing is that most of the work is done. You can always turn to the best dissertation writing service, even if you only need assistance during the last stages of completion.

What Does Dissertation Formatting Assistance Include?

The formatting stage is an independent stage of the project completion process. It’s not covered by dissertation editing services. Editing assistance is focused on the tone, logical flow, grammar, and substance of the content. A thesis formatting service covers other aspects of the process:

  • Length - Depending on the university’s requirements, the project should be 100-300 pages in length. We will check if the candidate met the specific standard, and we’ll suggest revisions if the paper isn’t within the recommended limits.
  • Technicalities - Our dissertation formatting service will check the university’s standards for margins, spacing, page size, recommended fonts, and point size. For example, if you’re a candidate from the University of North Carolina, we’ll analyze the UNC dissertation formatting standards. Then, the editor will format your content in accordance with them.
  • Pagination guidelines - For your project to be accepted, it must follow pagination rules. Does the university recommend Roman numerals? Should the preliminary pages be marked? We’ll check and we’ll follow the rules.
  • Format of text, captions, figures, and tables - PhD candidates often neglect these aspects when working on their dissertations. We don’t! We’ll deliver a clean format.
  • Dissertation chapters - this is the most important aspect of a dissertation formatting service. We will check if you met the school’s requirements on the required chapters and their order in the paper. If there’s a need for revisions, we’ll contact you to discuss them.

The Stages of Thesis Formatting

Do you want to know how the best dissertation formatting service tackles this stage of the process?

  • First, the candidate places an order to give us instructions. The order form will enable you to attach the project. Our company is 100% secure and reliable; we never share your information and documents with third parties.
  • We’ll carefully examine your instructions. Then, we’ll assign the project to an editor who’s experienced in the appropriate area of study.
  • The editor will analyze your university’s requirements. If, for example, you’re a candidate from the University of Florida, they will follow the UF dissertation formatting standards.
  • The editor will format your paper to fit your university’s rules.
  • You’ll get the completed order on time. If you need revisions of our thesis formatting services, you can contact us and we’ll make the needed changes.

How You’ll Benefit from Our Dissertation Formatting Service

PhD candidates hire an online dissertation formatting service for various reasons, but it’s mostly because they want to unwind before the final presentation. When they outsource the final stage to a professional thesis formatting service, they get enough time to work on the PowerPoint slides and their presentation skills. But you’ll gain other benefits when you work with us:

  • You’ll get a perfectly formatted paper that follows your school’s dissertation formatting guidelines.
  • If you failed to focus on technicalities while writing the content, we can fix the issues. Our editors are trained to provide relevant assistance.
  • You’ll save some time. The formatting stage looks easy, but it can take weeks of diligent work. When you outsource it to a pro editor, the process is much faster.

Reasons to Hire

There are several dissertation formatting services online, but none of them can reach the level of Dissertation-Service. Students have been turning to our team for decades. That’s because we offer the best assistance from several aspects:

  • The editors from our team collaborate with top-rated thesis writers during the formatting process. They deliver the best results through a team effort.
  • We offer the most cost-effective service. For a low price, you’ll get the perfect dissertation by your deadline.
  • Our editors pay close attention to your guidelines. If you study at Michigan State University, they will analyze and follow the MSU dissertation formatting guidelines. You can also request Harvard, Stanford, UCLA dissertation formatting, or any other specific style.
  • is a reputable agency with an impeccable reputation in the industry. It’s the most secure place for collaborating with editors.  

What Are Our Dissertation Formatting Rates?

When you want to pay someone to format dissertation, you have the usual question: “How much will it cost?”

Our price chart is transparent, so you can easily see the dissertation formatting rates. The chart even lets you calculate the final price. You’ll enter a few parameters, and you’ll get a final price.

The quotes for PhD formatting range from $1.99 to $8.99 per page, depending on the deadline. That’s a really small price for the quality of service you’ll get. Guess what: we’ll make it even more affordable! New customers get 17% off on our website!

We guarantee to provide a diligent service with no hidden costs. We always explain what you get for the type of service you choose. Revisions are granted by request, and they are free of charge!

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