Oct 18th 2012

Analysis dissertation

analysis dissertation
The analysis dissertation part of your dissertation is very important because it is a reflection of the writing and analysis skills of the writer. The analysis should be written after the research and study of relevant sources. It is a very careful and meticulous process. You must be sure that your analysis is correct because your arguments will be based around it. Read more
Oct 15th 2012

Dissertation defense

dissertation defense
If you have been asked to write a dissertation then your professor is looking for you to create a sterling piece of work. This is not like the homework you get--where you read from a book and answer a question. A dissertation is an animal all of its own. This is why some people struggle with their dissertation and call upon a service such as This is not because they are lazy and want someone else to do it for them. It is because they have been asked to do something they have never done before. Read more
dissertation presentation
In some schools a student will be expected to give a fifteen minute presentation on their dissertation topic. The students and teachers may then ask questions about the dissertation. For some subjects this process is mandatory in order to gain full marks on the dissertation. Read more
Oct 8th 2012

Dissertation process

dissertation process
Make sure you understand what a dissertation is before you undertake one. It is a long and structured essay which is often so long that it has chapters (like a book). It is less like an essay and more like a research paper. You are tasked with creating a thesis and then proving it. You can only do this with research and reasoning. You are then supposed to turn this research and reasoning into arguments that plead your case (aka prove your thesis correct). Read more
Oct 4th 2012

Dissertation ideas

dissertation ideas
Before going over dissertation ideas we should really cover the issue of exactly what a dissertation is so that we can better understand ideas for it. A dissertation should be the high point of your studies in higher education. It should be the point in your education where you can really make a mark on the academic world. Sure you do not need to win a Nobel Prize, but it should be a piece of work that is quite impressive - even if the subject is a little dull or unexciting. Read more
dissertation proposal
A dissertation is something that higher educated learners are tasked with doing. It is often part of their final grade and acts as a way to assess a students learning and progress. It is also an indication that a student is able to work independently and without outside help. This is important because a person is expected to do this when they are employed (or so you would think); however this expectation does not match up in real life. Quite often a person will be teamed up with others on a project. This is why it is a good idea to use a company such as Read more
Sep 27th 2012

Dissertation format

dissertation format
A dissertation is a research project that runs over a very long stretch. It is similar to a very long written essay, except that is requires a lot more research and study. It is often an independent study project, but lots of students hire companies such as Not only do they help students to achieve higher grades, they also help students on the right path. Read more
Sep 24th 2012

Dissertation topics

Dissertation topics
A dissertation is a structured essay, which works to help a student learn about a topic in most cases. It is also an indicator of how well the student is doing. Sometimes a dissertation is one of the things that makes a big difference in the final grade of the student. It is a highly independent piece of work, which involves a student going out and studying the topic they choose. They must research into the topic; create a thesis, arguments, analysis and conclusion. Read more
Sep 20th 2012

What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is something that is done during higher education. If you were to ask what is a dissertation? You would find that in most cases, in its most basic form, it is a long written essay. Amongst other things its main purpose is to act as both an educational aid, and as a way of assessing a student's progress. A dissertation is also called a research project. To many people the dissertation they create whilst in higher education is the pinnacle of their best work. Some people consider their dissertations to be the mark that they left on their school. Read more
How to write a dissertation
Just to be sure you understand the concept; here is how to write a dissertation. A dissertation should have a thesis. This thesis should create arguments. With these arguments should come evidence which is found through research. The analysis of the research leads to reasoning, and with your reasoning you should be able to argue your point (create your argument). These arguments should then be concluded upon so that you can either prove or disprove your thesis. Read more