Presentations are such a big part of academics nowadays, that students become experts at quick producing of slideshows. However, when it comes to a presentation with such high importance as a thesis presentation, it is very easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed. Read more
A dissertation abstract is an important component of this complex type of academic paper. Taking the spot in the beginning of the research, the abstract is basically the first description of your work read by the target audience. In other words, a dissertation abstract is your opportunity to set the right word flow and accurate expectations. Read more
Generally speaking, a methodology serves to inform the audience of the methods used in the research, as well as introduce and explain the tools used for the purpose of collecting data. In most cases, this section requires plenty of research and attention to details. Read more
How you end an academic paper is equally important as how you start it. Once you have completed the introduction and body of the dissertations, your next and final concern is the conclusion, followed by the additional pages, such as table of contents or references. Read more
Regardless of how thorough your research is or how good your writing skills are, a bad literature review is one of the most common ways of derailing an entire dissertation. The goal of the student is to present himself as professional, which is something you must prove in this particular section. As Boote and Beile said, ''a researcher cannot perform significant research without first understanding the literature in the field”. Read more
One of the most time-consuming, toughest parts of crafting a dissertation is the researching process. Regardless of how good of a writer you are, the quality of your dissertation will be based on the resources chosen to defend your idea. Seeing that a dissertation is a type of a research paper, using the right resources and findings is one of the most important elements of the writing process. Read more
Oct 18th 2012

Analysis dissertation

analysis dissertation
The analysis dissertation part of your dissertation is very important because it is a reflection of the writing and analysis skills of the writer. The analysis should be written after the research and study of relevant sources. It is a very careful and meticulous process. You must be sure that your analysis is correct because your arguments will be based around it. Read more
Oct 15th 2012

Dissertation defense

dissertation defense
If you have been asked to write a dissertation then your professor is looking for you to create a sterling piece of work. This is not like the homework you get--where you read from a book and answer a question. A dissertation is an animal all of its own. This is why some people struggle with their dissertation and call upon a service such as This is not because they are lazy and want someone else to do it for them. It is because they have been asked to do something they have never done before. Read more
dissertation presentation
In some schools a student will be expected to give a fifteen minute presentation on their dissertation topic. The students and teachers may then ask questions about the dissertation. For some subjects this process is mandatory in order to gain full marks on the dissertation. Read more
Oct 8th 2012

Dissertation process

dissertation process
Make sure you understand what a dissertation is before you undertake one. It is a long and structured essay which is often so long that it has chapters (like a book). It is less like an essay and more like a research paper. You are tasked with creating a thesis and then proving it. You can only do this with research and reasoning. You are then supposed to turn this research and reasoning into arguments that plead your case (aka prove your thesis correct). Read more