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Dissertation Discussion Chapter Writing & Dissertation Discussion Help

All the work you’ve put into the previous chapters of dissertation has a purpose: to help you write a convincing discussion. This is a crucial section of the paper, which is supposed to convince the academic and scientific community that your efforts made sense.

In the dissertation results chapter,  you provided processed data through charts, stats, and numbers. Now, you have to give it some context.

You know what that data means. You went through several “aha” moments during the research process. But the dissertation is written for the readers; not for the researchers. That’s why the raw findings need some explanation, and it’s exactly what the dissertation discussion section serves for.

For many PhD candidates, the discussion section of a research paper is the most challenging part to write. They struggle to find the right words to describe all the excitement that those results brought them. 

That’s why they need help writing the discussion chapter of a dissertation. We can team you up with a professional writer, who can assist in the process of completion. But first, you can go through these free tips, with the hope that you’ll figure out how to write a discussion section of dissertation.

Is It Okay to Combine the Dissertation Discussion and Conclusion Chapters?

First of all, let’s clarify that there is a difference between discussion and conclusion. The discussion elaborates on the results. The conclusion sums everything up, explaining how you got from the point of establishing a research question to the point of having a potential solution.

However, the conclusion may be too similar to the dissertation abstract chapter, which is provided at the beginning of the paper. To avoid writing repetitive sections, many candidates decide to provide a brief conclusion within the dissertation discussion chapter.

That’s okay; it works!

As long as you understand what goes in a discussion section and you provide the main elements that clarify the results, you’re good.

Important Tips: How to Write a Dissertation Discussion Chapter

  1. Provide Clear Data Interpretations

All those figures from the previous chapter mean something. Explain!

Imagine you’re talking to someone who has a basic understanding of the issue. The dissertation introduction and the literature review served that purpose: to help them understand the matter a bit better. Then you gave them the results, and now you should clarify their meaning and importance.

Don’t go too “academic” with the style. Normal people should understand the chapter 5 discussion dissertation. 

  1. Mention the Practical Implications

So you came down to some interesting findings. That’s cool; but what’s their practical implementation? How does the academic and scientific community benefit from them? How does humanity benefit from them?

  1. What Are the Limitations?

No research study is final. All findings have limitations, since they come from a controlled sample and environment. Make sure to mention these limitations and offer recommendations for further research in the final part of the chapter.

  1. Mind the Dissertation Discussion Length

Maybe you hired a dissertation proposal writing service and you got a brilliant outline for the project. You knew what you were going to write. But during the research process, you found a lot of interesting stuff that you want to mention.

Don’t go overboard? No one has the time to read a study with 3000 words in a single chapter. Do your best to avoid fillers. There’s no precise guideline for the length of this chapter. But it’s important to stick to the facts and present them in the clearest way possible.

It’s Okay to Get Dissertation Discussion Help

It’s not unusual for PhD candidates to face difficulties during the dissertation discussion writing process. They did all the research and they presented the findings. Now that they need to use simple terms to explain them to an average reader, they get stuck.

The writers from our professional dissertation service can help you complete this chapter. They will deliver unique content that’s based on your requirements. guarantees your privacy. We never store any content or private information of our users. The content that you get from us solely belongs to you.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions for the discussion chapter of dissertation. We’ll connect you with a PhD writer from your niche, so you’ll come to the perfect solutions.