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Professional Writers Share Tips: How to Write a Dissertation Introduction

Everything seemed just fine. You were confident that you chose a brilliant topic for your PhD project. You thought everything would run smoothly. But then you hit the first obstacle: you never had an idea that writing a dissertation introduction would be so hard.

Your mentor provided you with some guidance on the choice of a topic. They guided you through the research proposal. But they won’t complete the PhD paper for you. In most cases, the candidates don’t get specific tips on how to start a dissertation introduction. They get a brief description of the dissertation chapters, but they can’t benefit much from the general statements.

Now what?

Don’t panic! We have important tips for writing dissertation introduction. This is the starting point, which is why you see it as the most challenging part of the dissertation introduction format.

What’s the Difference Between Abstract and Introduction?

Do you know what makes PhD candidates so confused with this introductory chapter? When they see the instructions, they don’t get the difference between the thesis introduction and the abstract. These two sections appear too similar, so the confusion often triggers candidates to hire the best dissertation service.

  • The introduction should identify the problem. Then, it should elaborate on the importance of finding a solution. How would the academic and scientific community benefit from the findings? What would the practical implications be? Then, you’ll provide a thesis statement and you’ll explain what results you expect to find through the research.
  • The dissertation abstract is a summary of the entire paper. It’s not an introduction, but a compressed version of the content. It’s what casual readers read before deciding if they should spend more time with your paper.

So how long is the average dissertation introduction? Universities don’t usually set clear guidelines on the word count for this chapter. It may take 500 words for you to explain the problem and give some background. Maybe it will take 400 or 800 words. You should feel comfortable writing as much as you want, but that doesn’t mean that you should use fillers.

As a comparison, the abstract has to be shorter; usually around 300 words long. 

Now that we clarified the main confusion, let’s start with the practical tips: is writing dissertation introduction quickly possible?

Tips: How to Write a Dissertation Introduction?

These basic, but clear dissertation introduction tips will inspire you to start working on the chapter:

  1. Get Inspired by the Dissertation Proposal

If you got this far in the academic writing process, you probably know what to include in a dissertation introduction. The dissertation proposal, which the committee approved, includes a thesis statement and showcases the expectations you have for this project.

But since you conducted the research, some aspects may have changed.

Sticking to the proposal on every single point is not mandatory. However, you cannot write something completely irrelevant.

  1. Clarify the Scope of Research

That’s the whole point of writing a dissertation introduction chapter. It has to be very clear about the problem that you chose to investigate. It should also clarify why you decided to conduct such a research and how your area of study would benefit from the results.

  1. Grab the Reader’s Attention

When you were learning how to write essays, the attention-grabbing intro was essential. Now that you’re wondering how to write a dissertation introduction chapter, you should follow the same pattern. Think of an opening that’s interesting to read.

  1. Make Realistic Promises

The remaining elements of the paper must meet the expectations that you set with the PhD dissertation introduction. That’s why it’s important to promise solutions only if you can deliver them.

Dissertation Help: What to Do If You Can’t Write the cIntroduction Chapter

Understanding the structure of dissertation introduction is not that hard. But when you start with the actual writing process, you can’t turn those tips into practice.

It happens to everyone. In fact, many PhD candidates decide to get help writing a dissertation introduction. Once they have this chapter, it’s easy for them to continue with the remaining ones.

You can get professional dissertation help with guaranteed timely delivery at our website. We will assign a true professional in your niche to complete the introductory chapter. They will follow your instructions. We guarantee that you’ll get a 100% unique and custom-tailored introduction that fits into your project.