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Writing the Dissertation Methodology Chapter & Help from Professional Writers

When you check out the structure of a PhD paper, you assume that the dissertation methodology is going to be the easy part. But when you start writing the outline for all chapters of dissertation, you realize that it’s the exact section that gets you overwhelmed.

The dissertation is a serious project. You can’t base your statements on “In my opinion.” Each statement has to be supported by facts. How will you find those facts? Will this be a research project based on analytics, or will you conduct case studies and lab experiments?

The dissertation methodology section should describe the methods that you’ll use to investigate the issue. You can’t choose random methods and list them. You must explain why they make sense in the context of your project. How are they better than other available methods?

We understand: writing your dissertation methodology is hard. That’s why we’re here for you. We’ll give you important tips on how to write dissertation methodology, and we’ll tell you what to do if nothing works.

What’s the Purpose of a Dissertation Methodology?

In its essence, the dissertation is a research paper. The chapter 3 methodology elaborates the research methods as the foundational aspect of the entire project.

Your methodology may involve information analysis, practical lab tests, questionnaires and interviews, social experiments, and more. Your sample has to be carefully sourced, so the research would make sense in a realistic setting.

The research methodology must justify your approach to the issue. Through the previous chapter (the literature review), the reader understands the background of the issue. In this chapter, you’re basically saying: “You should trust me because I did this, this and this to come down to the findings that I present.”

Well you won’t say it exactly like that. You’ll find a more “academic” way to present your approach through the dissertation methodology writing process.

We’ll all agree with a fact: it’s not easy to write this section. It’s why most PhD candidates heed help from dissertation writing services.

Tips from Our Pros: Writing a Good Methodology for Dissertation

  1. Get Inspired by Samples That Work

When you’re wondering how to write methodology section of dissertation, you know that you already saw a few perfect samples. You’re working on this chapter after conducting the research process and writing the literature review. Throughout the research, you analyzed several studies that included a qualitative research methodology. Now, you have to write the same type of content for your own project. 

  1. Explain What Types of Data You’ll Collect

In the dissertation introduction, you talked about the problem and you explained what results you expected to achieve through your research. When wondering how to write a methodology, you should answer the reader’s question: “What data will the researcher collect to prove the thesis statement?”

The type of data will lead you to the selection of your methods. Primary data is the type of information that you collect as an original researcher. You can do it through interviews, case studies, and lab experiments. Secondary data is also important. It’s the data you collect from previous studies, journals, articles, and books. 

  1. Explain the Methods

The dissertation methodology structure doesn’t only list the methods. It must explain why you chose them.

  1. Edit the Chapter!

Before you proceed to the next chapter, you should edit this one. Our professional writers give you one of the most important tips for writing a dissertation methodology: edit individual chapters. It’s much easier to fix the issues now, before they lead you to more mistakes.

If you need assistance with this step, you can always rely on expert proofreading services.

What to Do If You Can’t Write the Dissertation Methodology Chapter

You just realized that writing methodology was beyond your limits? You can’t complete the dissertation methodology section no matter how hard you try to focus?

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