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Are You Struggling to Write the Dissertation Results? We Can Help!

What’s the point of a dissertation? You conducted your research and you’re confident that your findings can help humanity solve some issues. But you have to present those findings, so your readers will be aware that your discussion is based on facts.

The Results is one of the most confusing dissertation chapters for the reader. It contains tables and figures, which can be challenging to understand. That’s why you have a responsibility to provide all details in the dissertation results chapter, but present them in the most digestible format possible. That’s not easy at all.

The dissertation results and discussion can often get PhD candidates struggling. They don’t see the best way to present the findings, so they turn to professional agencies.

There’s no need to worry. We’ll give you a few tips on how to write a results section, and we’ll present the final solution: what can you do if you can’t complete this chapter?

How to Make the Results Chapter Dissertation Fit In

The dissertation results and analysis comes after the dissertation methodology chapter. In the previous sections of the projects, you covered these stages:

  • You explained the issue and the importance of this research
  • You provided a literature review, which listed resources with brief explanations in context
  • You elaborated on the research methods that you used to come to efficient results

Now, you have to present those results.  

If this is the first time for you to write a project of this scale, you’re probably wondering: what goes in results findings section of a dissertation? The answer is processed data.

When writing results for dissertation, PhD candidates often make the mistake of including all raw data that they found. If you don’t categorize this data in a digestible way, you’ll only confuse the reader. Not everything that you found is relevant to answering the research question. Only include the findings that support or defy your hypothesis without getting off the logical flow.

This chapter has to fit in, so it must follow the flow that you set with the introduction, literature review, and methodology. If you struggle with that, maybe it’s best to buy dissertation online.

Tips: How to Make Writing the Findings Chapter of a Dissertation Easier

Our professional writers share a few important tips that help with writing the results section of a research paper:

  1. Use Past Tense

You’re the one who did the research at a point back in time. Your findings were valid there, and you witnessed them. If you read through the studies that you used during the research process, you’ll notice that the authors used past tense when writing results section dissertation. That’s a standard that all PhD writers follow.

  1. Filter the Results by Relevance

You don’t have to include all findings in your results section of research paper. If some of them were irrelevant, don’t mention them.

  1. Use Research Questions

To clarify the relevance of your results, organize them by research questions. Set separate research questions, and then present the data that helps you answer them. It’s okay to include subheadings within the dissertation results. In fact, it’s the recommended thing to do.

  1. Don’t Start Explaining

You have a separate chapter for that: the dissertation discussion chapter.


What to Do If You Can’t Write the Dissertation Results Section

It happens.

Even if you’re the best researcher and writer, you may need help with writing dissertation results. The good news is that you know where to get it. has helped hundreds of PhD candidates to present the dissertation findings.

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There’s no point in giving up. You came too far to do that. You only need to surpass the difficulties, and you’ll be ready to carry on with the work on this project. You can safely rely on the best dissertation help service.