Aug 23rd 2017

Top PPT Presentation Tips to Give a Great Thesis Defense


Presentations are such a big part of academics nowadays, that students become experts at quick producing of slideshows. However, when it comes to a presentation with such high importance as a thesis presentation, it is very easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed. In many cases, a PPT presentation can spell a disaster for a student, even if they are experienced at working on the PowerPoint program.

Basically, all your hard work goes to waste if you do not present it well to the audience. When defending a thesis, students must strive to leave good impression and get a high grade on their thesis. The key to this success is to demonstrate technical literacy, advanced design skills and somewhat of a personal presentation style.

When a PowerPoint presentation has a broken link, unintended font, or any other problems, it can ruin the experience for the audience. To help you avoid this, we have gathered a list of tips that will help you master the design tools, style and presentation processes of this program.

1. Presentation Design

Tip 1: Use the Format Menus Properly

PowerPoint allows you to adjust your design by using format menus. All you need to do is find the 'format' option and use it to adjust shapes and their measurements, fine-tune shadows, create various selections, etc.

Tip 2: Use the Shape Tools

Shapes in PowerPoint are very flexible now. Since Microsoft expanded and released the format options back in 2010, there is a much bigger potential for good design due to the shape tools.

Did you know that you can use a variety of shapes beyond the oval, rectangle or rounded rectangle pattern? Use today's shapes to create flow charts, diagrams, and create an appealing visual image.

In addition to this, you can create your own custom shapes. Edit the points of a shape and create one that fits your specific needs, or combine several shapes together. The menu 'Grouping' offers many such options.

Tip 3: Crop Existing Images

You don't have to limit your thesis presentation to custom and already made shapes. You can also crop existing images and turn them into your own, custom-made shapes.

2. Presentation Style

Tip 4: Don't Limit Yourself

The variety of tools in PowerPoint allows you to use whatever you want, whenever you want it. This does not mean that you should use absolutely everything. Many students use all the tools at their disposal and overwhelm the audience.

Here are some things to pay attention to:

  • Pick the most suitable theme you need
  • Stay away from the default fonts of Microsoft Office
  • Never use action sounds in your thesis presentation
  • Remove shadows where they are not necessary

Tip 5: Create Your Own Slide Sizes

Sure, you can use the default slides for all your college and university presentations, but a presentation of such high importance requires more attention to such details. Fortunately, you can adjust your slides for a larger presentation or a display that is strangely sized.

Tip 6: Set the Slide Template Design

Setting the slide template design is very easy in PowerPoint. If you click 'edit master' on the 'themes' in the top navigation, you can set a template before you even start creating the presentation. This will save a lot of time and prevent you from having to design every slide one by one.

Tip 7: Adjust and Align Multiple Objects Properly

You are one-step away from building your professional career, which means that your presentation should look as professional as it can. To achieve this, you must polish the presentation by aligning everything properly.

Fortunately, PowerPoint can do all this for you. All you have to do is click 'align or distribute' in the 'arrange' in the top options bar, and you are good to go.

3. Presentation Processes

Tip 8: Embed All Font Files

One of the biggest frustrations of students is font troubles. Unfortunately, fonts seem to change when you use a different computer, so this can also happen to you if you use the university's laptops for your presentation. Basically, the presentation computer may not have the same font you used in the presentation, which can ruin its appearance completely.

Fortunately, there is an easy trick for this. Just use the 'embed true type fonts' in the 'save as' dialog window, and your presentation will keep the original font file you used.

Tip 9: Embed the Multimedia Files

In addition to the font files, you should also embed multimedia. Except for those who use a Mac, you can easily embed the media directly in the presentation, or link to audio/video files externally.

Tip 10: Bring Your Hardware with You

Your thesis defense is very important, so the best way to avoid troubles such as the font changing and multimedia missing is to take your hardware with you. This will fix the many problems that occur because you don't have the right hardware. All you have to do is take your laptop with you when the thesis presentation day comes.

Tip 11: Learn about Presenter View

What is 'presenter view'?

Your PowerPoint program has an amazing tool only few students know of when they have their thesis defense. You can find this tool in the 'Slide show' tab and use its various features to take notes, use a timer or clock, unify the visual aid and the spoken presentation, as well as use it as a presentation display.

Once you have these tricks under your belt, you are good to go. If you are done creating a great thesis, you are only one step away from getting the highest grade possible. All you have to do is use this flexible program and its tricks to achieve the best results with your audience.

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