Oct 11th 2012

Dissertation presentation


In some schools a student will be expected to give a fifteen minute presentation on their dissertation topic. The students and teachers may then ask questions about the dissertation. For some subjects this process is mandatory in order to gain full marks on the dissertation.

A dissertation is a long essay (in some respects), but you would be a fool to pair it with the same brush as an essay. There are many reasons for this, but the biggest clue as to its difference with an essay is that it is far longer. We are talking well over twelve thousand words. This is not just a dumb little essay. You will need to come up with a thesis and then prove that thesis.

You must use the standard methodology for your chosen subject, and be able to prove what you argue with hard facts. Your research must be impeccable, your analysis must be beyond reproach and your arguments must be sound, reasoned and a logical conclusion after undertaking your research. This is a very daunting and demanding task, which is why nobody will blame you for bringing in an outside service. Some people consider any outside writing to be cheating, but getting help from outside is no different to going to your professor in order to get a few pointers. A company such as is able to put you on the right track; so that you do not spend months doing research that does not fit your thesis.

Whether the student is making a dissertation presentation or a proposal presentation, the following tips should be followed.

For a start, the presentation should give a very clear outline of the dissertation topic. Always remember that even though you are giving the speech to other people in the same class, you have to assume that not all of them are experts. Therefore you must explain and clarify certain points which a lay person may struggle to understand. As a student you must assume that some of your classmates have not been listening along in class. Also, if you explain your points clearly then it demonstrates that you understand the text as well as they do.

Many students have started a dissertation and then had to change it half way through because their research was flawed, or because research proved their thesis wrong. Now imagine if that person had hired from the start. They would already be well on their way to finishing their dissertation without the stress or worry about the thesis being wrong or the research being flawed.

When giving your speech/presentation, it is a good idea to state why your proposal idea is so great and significant. You must ensure that you outline you methodical approach. Try to get a good night's rest before you give your presentation, so that you are sharp and quick off the mark. You will need to come up with answers to various questions on the spot. Plus the more times you get it wrong or struggle then the more your classmates will think they are "winning".

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