Sep 27th 2012

Dissertation format

A dissertation is a research project that runs over a very long stretch. It is similar to a very long written essay, except that is requires a lot more research and study. It is often an independent study project, but lots of students hire companies such as Not only do they help students to achieve higher grades, they also help students on the right path.

Sometimes a student may be stuck for ideas and start a dissertation without a clear direction. At this point they start to go off in different directions, and show no clear purpose within their text. This is usually why they score so badly in it. Their arguments have no sense of direction and their analysis becomes weaker as a result. With the help of a company such as they are able to find the correct path and go on to score the highest marks.

This is very important because a dissertation is not just a piece of written text, or just any other essay. It is a way for your professor (teacher) to judge how well you are doing. It is a way for them to identify if you are doing well in your studies or if you are struggling. Some peoples' final grade will depend upon their dissertation. Other people will consider their dissertation to be the pinnacle of their higher learning studies and the mark that they leave on the university.

A dissertation format is not a going to be consistent from one dissertation subject to the next. For example the dissertation formats found in the sciences are going to differ wildly from those found in the arts. A dissertation in a language will differ from one in religious studies.

You are really going to have to approach your learning institution to find out the format of dissertation that they prefer. However, in most cases the learning institution of your choice is going to tell you in explicit detail how to structure and format your dissertation. Even general rules of thumb do not apply to all subjects. For example, the use of pictures within a dissertation is frowned upon in some disciplines, and yet is lauded over in other educational disciplines. Some dissertations will require a conclusion at the bottom, with MLA referencing underneath, all written in “Times New Roman” size 12, yet others will demand “Arial” size twelve with each dissertation chapter having its own mini conclusion. In the case of an argumentative paper, the conclusion is in the beginning of the dissertation. It goes right where the thesis would normally go.

Is it fair to say that a dissertation should be formatted like a research paper? Yes it is fair, however some subjects will require that the work be submitted in a dry formatting, where others will want images, exciting fonts and easy to read research (such as the design and technology subjects). Luckily the educational institutions are so keen on keeping the formatting of each subject uniform, that they will probably give you guideline upon guideline when you are handed the dissertation assignment.

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