Oct 15th 2012

Dissertation defense


If you have been asked to write a dissertation then your professor is looking for you to create a sterling piece of work. This is not like the homework you get - where you read from a book and answer a question. A dissertation is an animal all of its own. This is why some people struggle with their dissertation and call upon a service such as This is not because they are lazy and want someone else to do it for them. It is because they have been asked to do something they have never done before.

Some people look upon a dissertation as a big essay however, other students are more aware that a dissertation is supposed to leave an impression on the academic community. Again this is why they may contact There is a certain responsibility that comes with writing a dissertation. An essay may be written and never seen again, but a dissertation should be something that you can give to the academic community so that they never need to research that subject again (of course they will, but your work should stop them from researching it for a few years at least). You must also remember that a dissertation is viewed as an examination for some academic subjects. There are people who have failed in their chosen subject because they messed up their dissertation.

Now that your dissertation is complete you may be asked to argue its case and come to its defense. The strongest dissertation defense is to have a well thought out and well put together dissertation. If your dissertation is so tight that no one can pick hole in it then its defense is going to be a lot easier.

Let us assume that you have done your dissertation to the best of your ability and you have made it air tight. You may still be asked to speak in its defense. If this is the case then here are a few dissertation defense tips to help you overcome your nerves about the whole affair. Firstly you must remember that whoever commissioned you to create the dissertation wants you to succeed.

Make sure that you fully understand everything that you wrote in your dissertation and that you know why you wrote what you wrote. You must be sure of every argument that you made and secure in the evidence and argument you produced. If any statements in your dissertation are unsupported or are not a logical flow from evidence analysis to conclusion then be prepared to hear about them. These are the holes in which your counter arguers will pick upon. They will pull at the loose threads that you left hanging and add their own opinions and facts in order to prove your thesis is incorrect. When you do argue for your text, make sure your arguments are clear, concise and to the point. After you make your point you must shut up or you will inevitably give your competitors something else to latch onto and undermine your work.

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